Making memories for bereaved children

Helping bereaved children treasure old memories and make new ones
If a child loses a parent or sibling, we want to help them cherish the memories they have, whilst helping them look to the future.

Our Vision

After learning how to navigate the stormy waters of grief, we want to help others who find themselves walking this path in our shoes.

Memory boxes

We can provide memory boxes to acute hospitals, which can be offered to children following the death of a close loved one. This box could contain materials to take a handprint or to keep a lock of hair, as well as a pair of teddies, a journal and a book. It can help  them begin to process their feelings.

Making New Memories

We want to help children create new memories after experiencing the hardest of losses. We make links with other child bereavement charities and will consider applications for financial support for those providing memory making experiences for children who have been bereaved. It is important that to us that we support those who need it the most. 

The charity was founded in 2018 in memory of Mark Knapp, a much-loved husband and father of 2 young children, who died very suddenly and unexpectedly.

Mark made such a positive impact on so many lives during each and every day of his own life that we want this charity to honour his memory.

Help us raise money to help bereaved children

Our aim is to help families who are dealing with the grief of losing a parent or sibling. At the hospital, we want to fund training for staff and have a supply of memory boxes for children to allow staff to better meet their needs. To give families the opportunity to create new memories we make links with other child bereavement charities to provide fincancial support for memory making experiences.

With your help we WILL help children keep smiling during their hardest days.