For Professionals

We want to support hospital staff with the very difficult task of helping bereaved children when they find out what has happened.

How we can help you support bereaved children

Memory Boxes

For children who are having to face the news of the death of a loved one, memory boxes can be a useful way to help them keep and treasure things that remind them of the person who has died. We can provide the boxes to your department alongside a range of supporting materials, such a books for both the child and to help others in supporting the child. We can also provide kits for taking hand print and hair locks.


For any healthcare professional dealing with bereaved children can be hard.  They need help to understand what has happened to their loved one.  We aim to provide funding for the training of healthcare professionals, giving them the tools to support bereaved children.

Can we help you?

We are currently working with hospitals and hospices across England. If you are working in an acute hospital or hospice and think we may be able to help you, either with providing memory boxes or funding for training in supporting bereaved children then please get in touch.
We are always looking for other ways that hospitals can support bereaved children. If you have any other ideas we are more than happy to hear them.