Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Made a Mark as a registered charity!

When we completed the hoop jumping to register with the Charity Commission back in 2018, I don’t think any of us really knew exactly where and how far this road would take us.

Three years down the line we have forged links with many professional teams who are directly supporting children and families experiencing devastating losses. We are very proud to be able to supply them with our memory boxes and supporting materials to help them capture memories for children and provide the best possible care in the most difficult of circumstances.

To date we have supplied over 1,200 memory boxes to organisations in England, north, south, east and west of our base in Bristol.

We have camped out waiting for deliveries, made last minute dashes across town to funeral directors and delivered memory boxes in shopping trollies! We will do what we need to do to get our memory boxes to those who need them.

Our volunteer base has expanded but our core team remains the same. All of our charitable activity is carried out by unpaid volunteers, so that the money donated or raised goes back into our work.

So THANK YOU ALL for helping us help others, especially through what has been a VERY challenging 18 months. Lets keep going!!!

Best wishes

Keri and the Made a Mark Team