Zoom back 20 months ago when Key Forensic Services named us as their company charity and who would have guessed the challenges up ahead? Fundraising has certainly been difficult for us these past few years, as it has been for all small charities. We find ourselves extremely lucky to have the support of this amazing company behind us to help steer us back into the fundraising we have struggled for. The 14th July this year saw Key Forensics hold a “KFS Fun Day” for their staff which included wearing blue to work, puzzles and a cake sale! The staff at KFS managed to raise an amazing £1,235.20 for Made a Mark!

KFS had great fundraising money for our adopted charity – Made a Mark. We all wore blue, our company colour, but we certainly weren’t feeling blue as we ate our way through all the cakes at the charity bake sale and taxed our brains with a criminal puzzle and guess the tips game. All proceeds raised went to the charity, which we hope will go some way to filling the financial hole that COVID has caused – Janet Hulme, HR Director – Key Forensic Services

KFS staff with the cakes baked by staff and decorated using the “Forensic Theme”

We’re so thankful to have the support of KFS and this donation could not have come at a better time. We had so much fun following KFS throughout their fun day and were blown away by some of the amazing cake designs! The donation from KFS will go a long way to help us support bereaved children and we look forward to hopefully working together on another fundraiser in the future – Alistair Vickery, Treasurer – Made a Mark